PPPAI (Public Procurement Professional Association of INDIA)

Be the Professional Member of  PPPAI, India's First Network of Public Procurement Professionals.

PPPAI Membership is open to all procurement & supply chain professionals in public sector. In addition, we do provide the membership for the organization at discounted price if number of members are more than 50.  This membership helps you and your organization excel in the field of Public Procurement.
PPPAI works in cooperation with The World Bank, ADB, NDB & ITC Geneva. Join our network of over 25,000 supply management professionals and get the tools you and your organization need to advance and perform at each stage of your career.

 Types of PPPAI Membership:

  • Individual Membership: Membership is open for all professional interested in public procurement. The fee for elite membership is INR 2100/- annually (Inclusive GST).  
  • Student Membership: Any student can take membership and avail all benefits at the discounted price. Student Membership fee is INR 500/- annually (Inclusive GST).   

Benefits of PPPAI Membership:

To jumpstart Professionalization of Public Procurement, we will be offering the following benefits free of cost to all PPPAI Members.
  1. Free access to all Webinars and Conferences organized by IPSCM-INDIA.
  2. Weekly newsletter to update yourself with trending news on Procurement & Supply Management.
  3. Weekly Quiz: Test your knowledge of Procurement & SCM.
  4. Special discounted price to register for the annual award ceremony.
  5. Platform to interact with Researchers and Experts.
  6. Discounted prices in all the seminars and workshops organized by IPSCM-INDIA.
  7. PPPAI Professional members will get Special Prices (Discounted) to the courses available in PPPAI eLearning platform (Discounted price for limited period).
  8. Opportunity to join periodical brainstorming sessions free of cost.
  9. Listing of Members’ names at PPPAI website which provides global exposure.
  10. Opportunity to be a host in our webinar session.  
  11. Opportunity to be the Panelist/ Speaker in International /National Conferences and Brainstorming sessions.
  12. Exposure to advanced technologies in Procurement through weekly bulletin.
  13. Access your Negotiation Style: Know your natural negotiation style.
  14. Assess the Maturity Level of your procurement function.