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ISM USA has recently undertaken the survey to analyse the impact of coronavirus on Supply Management. The key highlight is that it has impacted the supply chain of nearly 75% of the companies. For details you can visit the Resource Center maintained by them. India is also affected largely in the field of Auto, Pharma and Electronics.

The outbreak of the coronavirus – even though it has been around for more than a month and now stands out as a potential threat towards 21st-century globalization. This calls for redesigning the Supply Chain to cover such black swan events. In short Supply Chain is in the midst of evolution.

To expedite this process, we plan to spread the knowledge in the field of Supply Chain Management knowledge. Broadly this will cover the key components of SCM such as Planning & Strategy, Sourcing, Operations & Logistics.

To kick start the spreading of knowledge, we are pleased to initiate Knowledge Bytes Series. We will be covering various SCM topics on a regular basis. To develop knowledge base, we want to tap your knowledge pool by crowdsourcing.

Your suggestions and ideas to professionalize SCM activities are welcome.